Feb 4

Flourish Media Conference

Nadia is speaking at the first annual Flourish Media Conference, Where Brown Women Do Business.

FMC consulted with trusted investors, hedge funds & over a dozen women entrepreneurial guides to pool together more than $12,000 worth of resources, training and access to funding – all designed to help you do business (and life) in a more authentic way

48 hours of access to business funding, resources and tools, many usually reserved for their male counterparts. Now all yours.

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Brand New Mornings: Vision Boarding for Business Success in 2017

Oprah's done it. Will Smith's done it. Katy Perry's done it since she was nine years old. With the rise of The Secret and understanding the Law of Attraction, vision boards have gained popularity in the last few years. How can you use use vision boarding for planning your business? Join us for the next Brand New Mornings! Nadia will lead us in a conversation on the key aspects of creating a vision board for your business that actually works. 

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Brand New Mornings: Content Creation for 2017

How intentional and strategic are you with the content you share? With the year wrapping up, it's the best time to take a step back and plan your content for 2017 in a way that ties with your brand and goals for the upcoming year. Join us for the next Brand New Mornings! Gaby will lead us in a conversation on the key questions to ask when developing a content strategy for 2017. 

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